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Wild Planes is an American rock band based out of New York consisting of Lead Singer/Guitarist Kris Carmello and Drummer Andre Jevnik. Together, they bring down the house. Having an insatiable appetite to rock, they love putting on a show. Bringing people together and making an experience is what flies Wild Planes 


The formation of Wild Planes is a very long, time consuming story.... 

In short, through many fortunate and unfortunate events, Kris Carmello (Lead Singer/Guitarist) and Andre Jevnik (Drums) formed this band. Meeting at community college in acting class, clearly they weren't meant to be movie stars, but rather rockstars. After writing some songs together, playing local acoustic shows, they figure let's make this bigger and better. After having different line up changes throughout their 5 year history, the band managed to support Cee Lo Green, KIX, Climax Blues band and many others. Their resume of festivals across America arks from legendary STURGIS to Rocklahoma (AEG Live) and PrideFest to many local events.  


They were featured on Good Morning America "Dressing Room Reveal" with meteorologist Ginger Zee as well as various radio stations and multiple interviews at their favorite, 96.7 Pocono FM in Pennsylvania. 

Currently, the boys have added a fine new bass player Mr. Donald Prior to the mix, writing new music and getting the show on the road for 2023. A few show dates will be added where new songs will be battle tested and released before the year is up. 

Through the thick and thin, Wild Planes represents power, passion and sheer will to break through (not just in the music industry), but rock n roll itself.. 

 "You guys probably do foreign Bulgarian Acrobatics"

- "BIG JAY" Oakerson (Legion Of Skanks) 

​"You guys are the Duran Duran of our time"

- Don Jameson (That Metal Show, Sirius XM) 

"There is no plausible reason why within the next year this band cannot be international stars"

 - Total Order Magazine

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