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Wild Planes "At Large" Vlog 2/28-29/20

Here we are with another "At Large" vlog, just a rockin, singin n slingin grand ole time! Thanks to our best boy Brian Siragusa for making our wildness come alive!

Feb. 28th we performed at the legendary Debonair Hall in Teaneck, NJ. It has been sometime now since we rocked in our neighboring state NJ. Great crowd, great times!

Feb. 29th we rocked Arlenes Grocery in the east village NYC. That venue has by far the best sound for an NYC club. The crowd was extra rowdy that night too which is always a plus.....with us...its gotta be wild! Cheers to all who came and conquered with us!

All music performed and written by: Wild Planes

Instagram: @wildplanes

Shot/Edited By: Brian Siragusa

Instagram: @gooseaudiovisuals

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