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Wild Planes COVID-19 Update

Hey y'all, hope you are doing well, staying safe and most importantly, happy. We wanted to give a little update as to how we have been through this whole process plus future plans moving forward.

As of now, we just released 2 new songs "Never Gonna Change Me" and "Like This Forever". You can find those on spotify, itunes etc etc:

We are starting to get back at it and rehearse again; Writing new music/waiting for mixes so we can setup a new release for end of summer. Most of our concerts were postponed/cancelled and currently getting rescheduled. Not knowing when the live music sector of life will regain consciousness makes it tough to plan ahead and stick to those dates. So, we are working on late Aug/Sept/Oct. as our target reschedule dates. Some shows were moved to July but we will see how that goes in time.

All we can do now is wait, work on ourselves and keep our spirits high. For those who did lose a loved one or friend due to COVID we are so sorry...

Lets beat this thing!


WP - Andre/Kris/Jimmy

"Never Gonna Change Me" - 2020

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